Old Trails Historical Society
687 Henry Avenue, Ballwin, MO 63011
History of Manchester
A very detailed history of greater Manchester, Missouri is available from Old Trails. The book is titled The Moving Forces in the History of Old Bonhomme/The Manchester Missouri Area by R. Miriam Andre, illustrated by Charles E. Biggs, 1982, Hard Bound $10.00. Contact baconcabininfo@yahoo.com to purchase a book.
The Bacon Log Cabin was acquired in 1969 from Contempory Homes Realty Co., by its present owners, Old Trails Historical Society of Manchester, MO. The Cabin is on its original location at Henry Avenue and Spring Meadows Drive near the City of Manchester, St. Louis County, Missouri.    It has been resotored as a pioneer cabin.  The stone fireplace is original as are the logs, beams, some fireplace bricks and some of the chinking. The cabin houses period furnishings and a museum display of West St. Louis County historical memorabilia. Old Trails Historical Society welcomes guests and invites new members to join at anytime. With continued community support, Bacon Log Cabin can help tell the story of West St. Louis County for many years. Contact baconcabininfo@yahoo.com for membership information or tours.

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